Hector Martinez

Digital technologies are electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate store or process data. Well known examples include online games, multimedia and mobile phones. Digital learning is any type of learning that uses technology.


Szabo Viktor

There is a basic task for you to do in this quest; watch the four videos attached in the resources section and make your own video using your smartphone. You will need to demonstrate you have followed the instructions in the videos and have chosen a heritage site of your interest and prepared for the interviews.


You are to watch the four videos included in the resources section titled:

  1. Using Smart Devices
  2. Video Interviews
  3. Videos at Heritage Sites
  4. Advanced Tutorials

and ensure you follow the instructions in producing a film using your mobile phone. You only need a mobile phone and if possible a tripod and microphone to carry out the task of making your own video in a heritage site. You will need to demonstrate you have understood the instructions in the videos, this can be assesed by your content and quality of filming.

For those of you who feel adventurous you can try and use the advanced tutorials video to add extra elements to your video!



Digital Technology becomes a tool for active learning. Through it, learners are able to research, communicate and solve problems.It is amazing what we can do with a simple mobile phone!


Learning Outcomes

  • How to make interactive videos, undertake interviews and film at heritage sites. Understand the central components involved in building a scene or interview and applying newly acquired techniques.

Knowledge Acquired

  • After having followed the training material and the example exercises, the participants should have required a good knowledge of describing the process to making videos, carrying out interview and film at heritage sites.

Skills Acquired

  • Participants gaining practical skills in how to use the equipment and software.

Competences Acquired

  • The participants will be able to reflect on this form of using technology to make video, carry out interviews and film at heritage sites.