Writing Effective Text for Museums
Writing Effective Text for Museums

Text and labels must work in conjunction with all forms of interpretation such as objects, graphics, photographs, video and computer and other interactive, as well as live interpretation such as performances, lectures and floor staff. Design is a critical contributor to the overall success of an exhibition. Exhibitions are an enormous investment, both financially and physically audience. The written word is one of the key means that museums have to share stories about collections with visitors.


How to Label Artwork in an Exhbition.

You are to choose one significant object and write a story about the object, in the 'Task' document attached in the resources section there are some simple guidance on the task which you should follow.


In order to complete the tasks you need to take hints and tips into consideration the 'Process' document attached in the resources section which provides some clear hints and tips on writing texts and labels. The attached links to websites and documents from Gallery text at the Victoria and Albert are worth reading to get a better understanding of effecting writing. By completing the tasks you will learn more about the principles of writing effective text and labels, such as achieving a clear and consistent tone, as well as the importance of the scripting process and balancing good text with good design.



Learners will be able to tell a story by writing great texts and labels. A great museum label takes its reader on a revelatory journey, reframing perceptions along the way and provoking a lasting reaction.


Learning Outcomes

  • Participants should be able to learn to use journals (on paper or on screen) and can use it in a variety of ways to record, explore and extend their own writing.

Knowledge Acquired

  • After having followed the training material and example exercises, the participants/trainees should have acquired working knowledge on how to write and label factually and clearly.

Skills Acquired

  • Participants will develop skills in writing which could be both creative and factual. Participants will develop skills to: Clearly write texts and label things accurately so that others can understand.

Competences Acquired

  • The participants will be able to reflect on their own ability to capture things in writing both accurately and clearly.